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Cloud/Virtulization Consulting


Virtualization is an important component of IT operations today.

SOKUTECH focuses on virtualization architecture for standards infrastructure and applications development.


Why we need virtualization now?

  *Reduce costs

  *Reduce CO2 (electricity power)


Our services is approaching for scalability forecasts and transform clients' infrastructure and IT operations into a strategic business asset.


How to solve the problems?


Customize to build a virtual IT architect to find solutions.



VoIP Consulting


According as a number of innovative systems develop high speed, enterprises are required by new system due to adapt the market, such as Voice  over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system allows call phone via the internet instead of having local phone services.


While VoIP is still undergoing developing ways, Voice applications such as telephony, teleconferencing etc are some of the technologies which through VoIP uses via IP networks to serve its users.


VoIP origination refers to the source of your VoIP to your internet protocol. The major advantage of combining an effective VoIP architecture with equally effective VoIP systems is that both voice and data networks can be used easily.


There are several methods to establish.


That's why enterprise need to determine when and how to transition their voice communications infrastructures to the next generation tehnology and VoIP Architecture.


Identify your business requirements for VoIP! 


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