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Computer Architecture Consulting


Diversity of Computer Architecture 

   * how computer system is designed / organized

   * what technologies are suitabled

   * determining user's needs

   * creating logical requirements   


Power consumption is one of the measurement for the computer architecture.  SOKUTECH  designs for the computer architecture and consults the best circuis as well as higher speeds and lower costs.


Project Managing Services


How to manage your projects on truck within budget and time limit?


Before making new team or employing people, why don't you choose 'out-task' concept specific IT PROJECT MANAGING SERVICES?

Out-tasking means the outsourcing of partial areas where you most require and for a shorter period. In order for you to succeed, SOKUTECH analyze strategic planning and offer OVERALL BUSINESS IT SOLUTION. We respect our clients with trusting relationship.

IT Project Managing Services with SOKUTECH means for you:


   * Out-tasking service propose only partial areas where 

      you most require relief

   *  Keep quality of company value

   *  Release of capital (need low cost to success projects)

   *  Especially for small-middle size enterprises, they develop new          project under budget, that's why SOKUTECH IT Project    


Managing Services would considered to be able to tailor the solution on your needs.


As your needs after all the project are done, we can propose continuing consulting services to keep your new projects running and efficiently.



Validation of existing system and Process


Definition of new rule


Integration of new system

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